Our story

Sailing the seas of those who came before us, we turn water into emotion, flowing beneath the earth and above the heavens
We turn modern objects into rituals, spaces into sanctuaries, watching our candle flames burn

for the people of the sea ∼

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emotional scents

territoire originel

Ancient civilisations, modern times

Scents with a story

Old Mediterranean civilisations believed water to be alive, to have motion & voice just like the gods.

Our scents embody the duality that lies between the sun & the sea, reviving the memory of the those of came before us.

Artisanal knowhow

our Signature jars

We celebrates the know-how of different local artists who turn glass into beautiful design objects.

Our signature glass jars are crafted n small batches, & made exclusively by hand by skilled glassmakers.


Signature Wax blend

Our raw materials are carefully selected & blended in a perfect balance between an emotional fragrance, an eco-conceived wax blend & a natural cotton wick. All to ensure an optimal burning.

Our candles are assembled in our studio in Paris, France.

Feel the scent, hear the emotion, smell the echoes of the untold.

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