Alternative Ways To Scent Your Home

There are clearly many ways to make your home smell good, from beautifully selected fresh flowers to potpourri to using reed diffuser or scented candles. There are also alternative ways to scent your space, to set the mood and travel back to your favorite moments. Here are some of my favorite scent rituals:

Floral Infusions 〜 Harmony in Bloom

This ritual was passed down to me by my grand-mother, and might be the easiest way to get some freshness into your space. From my earliest memories as a child, I remember the enchanting light of Gardenia, floating inside water bowls and placed all around the house. The trick is to find the very fragrant flower to get its scent to diffuse !

white and yellow flower in tilt shift lens

Recommendations: Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose, Orange Blossom

Incense & Other Resins 〜 Echoes from Within

For the purists interested in an enveloping warmth rather than a romantic gaze, this one's for you. Used in ceremonial rituals, this resin burning ritual is deep and very personal. Although sourcing some of those ingredients might be more difficult than flowers, their lingering resinous flare is intense, exquisite and completely worth the trouble. Add some fire to the mix and let light and texture unveil a second sun. 

sliced bread with sliced banana and sliced of banana on white ceramic plate

Recommendations: Myrrh, Benzoin, Frankincense

The Universal Spray 〜 Everyday, Everywhere

A very practical and modern way of getting your favorite scent all over your home is by using a fragrance mist that you can spray not only in the air, but also on your bedsheets, couch, curtains and clothes to breathe new life into them. 

person holding white and blue floral textile