our candles
what ingredients does my candle contain?

The wax we use is our very own tailored vegan blend created by expert waxmakers in France for optimal burning.

Our fragrances are created by two perfumers born in the South of France & Italy. They carefully select natural & responsibly sourced ingredients to embellish them with their own personal palette of raw materials. 

The wick is made of natural cotton.

my candle is burning unevenly, what can I do?

We recommend that you leave your candle to burn for a at least two to a few hours, especifically for the first use in order to obtain a homogeneous melt on the surface.

~ It is necessary to recenter and cut the wick to 2 millimeters before each ignition for a good combustion. 

my candle is slightly irregular on the top, is this normal?

Our candles are artisanal and hand-poured one by one. This makes irregularities visible, but also the object unique. Love our imperfections. 

how do I clean my jar once the wax is finished?

Once the candle is completely finished, fill the pot with boiling water and wait a few minutes to remove the wax residue with a teaspoon.

You can then use the jar as a decorative object or plant a seed to make it grow. (Let us tell you a secret, you will soon be able to refill it with another candle.)

our online store
what are the shipping fees ?

We offer the shipping costs in France.
For other European countries, the costs are 14 euros. They drop to 8 euros for the purchase of our full collection of candles.
~ For international deliveries, please contact us at bonjour@celoeparis.com

More information in the following section: Deliveries and returns.

there is a problem with my order, who do I write to?

If your order does not reach you, the candle is broken or your package does not contain the correct reference, you can contact us via our email address bonjour@celoeparis.com

We will resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

where else can I find your candles?

Our candles are sold only online on our eshop at the moment. Sign up to our newsletter and stay up to date for exciting news !