Meet the creatives 〜 Artistic Direction by Blackballoon

who is blackballoon ?

We are a Parisian art direction & digital agency, a family of explorers wandering the creative world with no boundaries, bringing your stories to life. 

what is your inspiration for célõé ?

We believe that each story should be born out of meaning. 

The best way to get enwrapped by a story is to go back to the roots, and in this case go on a small journey to Lebanon with the brand's founder. We visited many cities, ports, ruins... from the city of Beirut to the old Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek, which left us in awe and gave us the idea for the logo. 

what about the symbols that you created for the brand?

We met with many artists & archeologists from the region, imagining symbols with a modernized twist, drawing inspiration from old objects found in ancient culures. The idea was to associate each product category with a symbol that we drew by hand and created for célõé.

can you tell us more about the brand feel? 

The typographies used for the branding are an alliance between the old & the new, exploring minimalism while shedding light on the elevated heights of the temple columns. We wanted the design & brand feel to blend completely with the storytelling of the brand.

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